My Classroom

For all those nosy curious people who stumble upon my blog... I do flexible seating in my room and I absolutely love it! Enjoy the tour!

View from my door. You will see I have 4 standing desks (I'm the girl who asked for an allen wrench set for my birthday) with Theraband loops. I also have 2 bicycle desks (my students LOVE the peddlers) and lots of exercise ball chairs!

My tubs for literacy and math stations, along with my new lap tray desks, bean bag chair, and Bilibo.

My fabulous word wall!

Check out my amazing sensory spot!

This bulletin board houses our jobs and map. The map will be switched out with our township map later and we will put push pins in where we live. This is one of my favorite activities! I also have awesome mailboxes, which have enough room at the top for copies for the week, as well. Students don't have assigned desks, so their materials are store in tubs around the room.

My Dojo clip chart, Dojo reward menus (from Meghan Zacok), birthday chart, and math station chart.

My book nook!

My anchor chart board and the beloved teepee.

My standards wall on my cabinets was my big project last summer.

View from the back of the classroom. I love my amazing rug (Donors Choose has made my life wonderful) AND my ceiling projector/giant screen!

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