Five for Friday

I'm on spring break, which gives me plenty of time for a little light blogging! I am so grateful I have 2 weeks of break, so knowing I still have another week is an amazing feeling! I might cheat a little and include some things from the end of last week. I'm a bit behind...

My aunt and uncle hosted Easter lunch this year, and they live about 3.5 hours away from me, just outside of Chicago. Since I was on spring break, I decided a weekend vacation would be perfect! So we headed up to Chicago on Saturday morning to check out the Museum of Science and Industry. It did not disappoint! We saw a replica of the Wright Brothers' flyer that was the first to take flight, so I had to send a photo out on Class Story on Dojo, because we just learned about the Wright brothers in social studies! We also took a tour inside the U-505 submarine (the only German U-boot in the USA), which was cramped, but super interesting! I love bicycles, though, so one of my favorite exhibits was the Art of the Bicycle. It was amazing. We stayed until the museum closed because I had to see everything! 

Easter itself was also enjoyable. I don't see my family too often because of distance, so it's always nice to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Plus, my grandma is a good sport. She let me play with Snapchat with her. #bestgrandmaever

My parents live in Florida, which means I have the ultimate destination for spring, summer, and fall break vacations! 5 minute walk from the beach, pool in the backyard (I'm still working on convincing them to get it heated), and nice warm weather! It's amazing! Plus, I get to spend time with my parents and their amazing dog! It really is a win-win.

Yesterday we biked to Deer Lake State Park, which is only 2 miles down the road, to check out the amazing dunes. We also happened to stumble upon 2 guys who were preparing to kiteboard. So naturally, we had to stay and watch them! They took their nice sweet time getting set up, but once they got going, it was totally worth the wait! It was an amazing show! 

When we set off, however, I just thought, "Oh we're going for a short ride and then coming back!" and didn't even think about SPF (we're not to that point in Indiana yet). I dozed off outside where we stopped to get a snack and woke up to some serious shorts lines! My arms look similar and my face is a little tender too. Lesson learned.

My blog is getting a makeover!!!
I've been drooling over some of the new "modern" blog designs and have been wanting to update my look a little too. I spent countless hours last spring break googling and creating and pouring sweat and tears into doing my own blog design. I figured if I could do it then, I could do it now. I cheated a little this time and paid for a template from Georgia Lou Studios, and it was 100% worth the $12 I spent! It made my life 1,000 times easier and I have only entered ONE line of code (so far). I still have some things to tweak, touch up, and add, but I love where it's heading! I love the Instagram feed at the bottom and how easy it was to customize everything! I highly recommend Georgia Lou Studios if you have any interest in DIY blog design.

My mom also just happened to make this AMAZING piece for me! How much does she rock?! She loves to create art with recycled glass and she's always so generous for making pieces for others! I love, love, *puffy heart* love it!

This is technically from last week, but it was last Friday, so I feel like it's okay. Plus, it's too cute not to share! 

We just started learning about the basics of fractions in math last week, so I figured the day before spring break was a perfect time to bust out Fraction Bubbles from Michelle Hudgeons. The kids were absolutely shocked that I let them chew bubble gum in the classroom, and no tears were even shed because of inability to blow a bubble (although, I definitely had some frustrated littles). This activity is both fully educational and hilarious for adults and children alike. It was just what we needed right before spring break!

I missed putting together a video newsletter for February, but we were able to pull one off for March! The best part is watching them watch themselves when it's all put together. Their reactions are priceless!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I used Georgia Lou Studios as well!! Your blog looks awesome :) Your grandma is too cute!! That's exactly how my grandfather was! I love your mom's work! She is talented, that sign is so pretty!!

    Wishing you all the best in April!
    Momma with a Teaching Mission

  2. How lucky are you?! You have a great place for vacations! The blog looks great! Thanks for pointing out the ig feed. I scrolled down. I like it, too.

    Stacy@Made with Love