April Favorite Things

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio today for my first Favorite Things Linky! I'm still on spring break, so I'm a little on the lazy side, but I figured a link up would be fun and simple enough!

I always felt like I "tried" to be a healthy eater and snacker. A while back, I realized I wasn't actually as healthy as I thought. So I've changed my ways a little and now I truly can say I'm trying to make healthy choices with my food. 

I get to school early and almost always stay after, whether it be for Girls on the Run or to get things ready for the next day. Many days I run after that with a co-worker. Long story short, I need healthy, ready-to-go snacks! So I'm here today to share some of my easy, healthy snacks with you!

1. Berries and almonds: No explanation needed. The only prep work here is washing the berries. I go ahead and wash the whole container at once, which makes my life easier in the long run. I prefer strawberries and raspberries, but any berries will do! I just grab some berries and some almonds and munch on them as is, but you can always add plain yogurt, as well.

2. Hummus and mini-pita: Sure, there really isn't a difference between normal size pita and mini pita, but I think the mini ones are more fun and easier to eat. Today I discovered lemon rosemary focaccia hummus and OMG! Hummus heaven! I'm picky about my spices (let's be honest, I'm picky about EVERYTHING), so I typically don't like traditional hummus "flavors" and original is a little too plain sometimes. I found this hummus at Fresh Thyme and I highly recommend it!

3. Chia Squeeze: Okay, I feel like a child eating an applesauce squeeze when I eat these, but they are so delicious! I stumbled upon them at Meijer and for some reason they caught my eye and I decided to try them (picky eater going out on a limb here). So far I have only tried the Blackberry Bliss one, but it is delightful! Essentially, it's just chia seeds infused with fruits and vegetables. It's hard to describe the texture, but it's almost jello-like...? They are so yummy, no prep, and healthy! They are packed with omega-3s, and also have good amounts of protein and fiber. 

If you have any other healthy, low-prep snacks you love, feel free to share in the comments! I'm always looking for more snack ideas!

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