March Currently

It's March, which means spring (and spring break!) are coming! Hooray!

Listening: I love Netflix. Who needs cable when you have Netflix? I'm currently working my way through Fuller House and Portlandia. Portlandia is so weird, but I'm getting a little more into it as I go.

Loving: I LOVE fresh fruit! Love it! I have been eating raspberries and strawberries like it's nobody's business. I was on a raspberry kick for a while, but now I'm riding the strawberry train. So yummy!

Thinking: I have a lot to look forward to. The teacher blogger retreat in French Lick is in a week and a half and then spring break is just a few weeks behind! I'm so excited for both!

Wanting: I am administering ISTEP to a small group of 3rd graders this week, and I'm ready to get back to my normal schedule. Plus, my poor sub said I had 2 children who were sobbing hysterically half the morning, for various reasons, so she's probably ready for me to be back too!

Needing: We have had some beautiful weather lately! Unfortunately, mother nature is just teasing us, because it's never here to stay. It was 65 degrees on Sunday, and now it's 27 and spitting some cold precipitation. I can't wait until the warm weather is here to stay!

Polling site: I don't think we are a polling site. I feel like maybe we were at one point, but I distinctly remember someone coming to our school trying to vote and we kept trying to direct them to the church down the road. They were very confused.

Thanks for stopping by! Head back to Farley for more fun!


  1. I love Netflix. I went through the Everybody Loves Raymond series and wanted to watch Fuller House. But, I was so busy, I would sit and watch soon. Good luck with the ISTEP.

  2. I so badly want to watch Fuller House!!! I can NOT wait to meet you at French Lick and may it be spring like temps that weekend!!!!

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I've heard of Fuller House but haven't seen it yet! I grew up on Full House lol, so maybe I should look into it! I feel your pain about spring weather teasing us! It was about 72 here in Bama today and dropping to 57 for tomorrow's high :( But spring will be here soon!!

  4. I have YET to watch fuller house! I am catching up with Grey's Anatomy but I have heard is great! So excited for your retreat! Post pictures!
    Magically in First