February Currently

I can't believe I'm actually linking up on the first! What a rare occasion!

Listening: I can't believe I've never really watched Parks and Recreation until recently! It's 100% my sense of humor, but I never made it past season 1. I recently started back at the beginning and am now on season 6. I'm definitely hooked!

Loving: I am so proud of how far I've come and how well I've been sticking to my goals! I feel like I have really been doing well with creating and sticking to a meal schedule, and my stomach loves me for it. I have also been sticking to my workout schedule (I like schedules), and I'm consistently doing spin class, swimming, and running. I set out to run 4 miles yesterday and ended up running over 6! I am determined to maintain these healthy habits!

Thinking: Is it bedtime yet? I feel like I'm always thinking this. Anytime after 8:30 is fair game for thinking about going to bed. But I always have "just one more thing" to do!

Wanting: I want to go to the Teacher Blogger Retreat in French Lick so bad! I was just starting my blog last year when I saw all the amazing pictures and posts from last year's meet up and one of my goals was to keep my blog going so I could attend something like that in a year. Well, I've kept my blog afloat, and I'm hoping Mrs. B and I can make it!

Needing: Does the to-do list ever end? Need I say more?

Swooning: I have a sweet tooth. I can't deny it. I'm trying to cut back on sugar and find some healthier alternatives. Dark chocolate covered almonds are my go to treat, because I feel like they are still relatively healthy, for a dessert. I am also addicted to raspberries. I just thought to stick a dark chocolate almond inside a raspberry, and I am in heaven! *Swoon*

Now it truly is time for bed! Head back to Oh Boy...It's Farley for more currently fun!


  1. Dark chocolate almonds sound yummy! I've been reading about the blogger retreat and would love to go, too! Hope you are able to make it!

    Krazy Town

  2. Teacher Blogger Retreat??? Ah I wish I lived closer ! I am getting married this Summer so no conferences for me this year. Would love to hear/read all about it!
    Magically in First

  3. You have been rocking your health goals...total inspiration! :)
    We LOVED Parks & Rec.