A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm on a blogging roll, I tell you! Go big or go home, right?

Today I'm linking up with Ashley and Angie for #2getherwearebetter

Here are a few of my random favorites.

I love the teachers I work with! They are some of my best friends and they are so much fun! I am so grateful to have such an amazing school family.

I am hooked on spin right now! I have always loved biking, but it's hard in the winter, and when I don't always have people to bike with. Plus, my spin instructor plays fabulous music and he plays it loud!

I love to snack. I would snack all day long if you let me. I am trying to snack healthier now, and these protein bites are my current addiction. You would never know that the main ingredient is garbanzo beans if I didn't tell you.

My favorite part of my day is seeing my crazy, yet adorable, students smile. How can you not love these kids? They are wild and silly, but they are the sweetest, and I am grateful to have such a sweet group of students.

Of course, I'm addicted to school supplies, as I know all teachers are. Some of my favorites include Frixion erasable pens (perfect for the plan book), Mr. Sketch markers (perfect for quick checks and anchor charts), and Stabilo markers (perfect for pretty, colorful writing).

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  1. Awe. You are one of my favorite people, too!!