Sunday Scoop

My to-do list seems endless, so I decided to do my first ever Sunday Scoop to break it down a little bit.


I seem to forever and always be falling behind on getting my plan book filled out every week. I also have to write sub plans, because I will be administering ISTEP (Indiana's statewide testing) to 3rd graders on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning this week. I hate being out of my classroom, so I'm glad it's only for the morning each day!

This week is also the last week of our grading period, so I have to make sure I catch up on grading. I have a huge stack of writing papers to grade, because I dread grading writing!

The whole house is due for a scrub down. One reason why I love living in a 2 bedroom apartment: it takes minimal time to clean the whole thing!


I really need to catch up on my math interactive notebooks. I had been doing pretty well, but I've fallen off the wagon a little bit recently.

I have been meaning to write letters to my German host family for a while now, but I rarely use my German and it's so rusty, so it takes me FOREVER to write them letters because I am so picky about my grammar being correct, even though I know they don't care.


Run!!! We have had beautiful weather and I am soaking it up every chance I can! My teammate and I are training for our first half marathon, so being able to run outside is so fantastic!

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Five for Friday

It's been awhile, so I thought a Five for Friday post was in order. Plus, since Mrs. B and I are officially going to the Teacher Blogger Retreat next month, I thought I should probably step up my blog game a little.

I started integrating Brooke Brown's STEM Challenges into math last month. I don't teach science anymore, so I knew I had to find a way to fit it into my math block. I am so glad I did, because the students are obsessed! Today they saw 'STEM Challenge' listed on the schedule for math and they could barely contain themselves. 

I wasn't sure how paper airplanes would go with first graders, but I had the students work in groups of 3, plus I had a few 5th graders pop in and help out, and they really did a marvelous job. Plus, they had so much fun! 

I love my job chart, but I get tired of switching jobs every Friday afternoon, and then it takes half of the class until the next Friday to remember what their job is, so I spend all week asking, "Who is the door holder? Who is the trashcan commander? Who is...?" I also have things that pile up that certain students could handle, but not everyone, so I can't put them on the job board, so then I have to do a job that a student is perfectly capable of doing. So I decided to have students fill out a job application for their top 3 jobs, and that is their job until further notice. Plus, we are in the middle of an opinion/persuasive writing unit, so this fit in perfectly! 

One week in, and I am already in heaven! It's amazing! I wish I had done it sooner.

I was, miraculously, on top of things, and realized that March is right around the corner, which also means that MARCH BOOK MADNESS is right around the corner! My class participated last year, as seen here and here. I really need to branch out and write posts about one topic and not just jumble everything in on a Five for Friday post. Maybe I will devote an entire post just to March Book Madness. It's that good.

Anyway, I went ahead and requested all of the books from the public library and was able to score 15 out of 16 books within a week! Boom! Although, last year I got 30/32, so my success rate has actually remained the same. My goal is to read at least one book a day, so that we aren't so rushed to read all of them in the first week of the tournament. I introduced the concept and books today and the students are really excited! 

How much fun are directed drawings? Seriously, though. This was the first time I gave my students markers after they had drawn with pencil, and not only does it make them look so much better, but the kids love getting to use markers. Win-win. Plus, we rocked our micro essays! 

Last spring, we started Girls on the Run with our 4th and 5th grade girls at our school. I like to run, so I decided to help out, and it has been such a fun experience! We started our spring session this week with our 5th grade girls, and we are off to a positive start! 

Enjoy your weekend! 


A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm on a blogging roll, I tell you! Go big or go home, right?

Today I'm linking up with Ashley and Angie for #2getherwearebetter

Here are a few of my random favorites.

I love the teachers I work with! They are some of my best friends and they are so much fun! I am so grateful to have such an amazing school family.

I am hooked on spin right now! I have always loved biking, but it's hard in the winter, and when I don't always have people to bike with. Plus, my spin instructor plays fabulous music and he plays it loud!

I love to snack. I would snack all day long if you let me. I am trying to snack healthier now, and these protein bites are my current addiction. You would never know that the main ingredient is garbanzo beans if I didn't tell you.

My favorite part of my day is seeing my crazy, yet adorable, students smile. How can you not love these kids? They are wild and silly, but they are the sweetest, and I am grateful to have such a sweet group of students.

Of course, I'm addicted to school supplies, as I know all teachers are. Some of my favorites include Frixion erasable pens (perfect for the plan book), Mr. Sketch markers (perfect for quick checks and anchor charts), and Stabilo markers (perfect for pretty, colorful writing).

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February Currently

I can't believe I'm actually linking up on the first! What a rare occasion!

Listening: I can't believe I've never really watched Parks and Recreation until recently! It's 100% my sense of humor, but I never made it past season 1. I recently started back at the beginning and am now on season 6. I'm definitely hooked!

Loving: I am so proud of how far I've come and how well I've been sticking to my goals! I feel like I have really been doing well with creating and sticking to a meal schedule, and my stomach loves me for it. I have also been sticking to my workout schedule (I like schedules), and I'm consistently doing spin class, swimming, and running. I set out to run 4 miles yesterday and ended up running over 6! I am determined to maintain these healthy habits!

Thinking: Is it bedtime yet? I feel like I'm always thinking this. Anytime after 8:30 is fair game for thinking about going to bed. But I always have "just one more thing" to do!

Wanting: I want to go to the Teacher Blogger Retreat in French Lick so bad! I was just starting my blog last year when I saw all the amazing pictures and posts from last year's meet up and one of my goals was to keep my blog going so I could attend something like that in a year. Well, I've kept my blog afloat, and I'm hoping Mrs. B and I can make it!

Needing: Does the to-do list ever end? Need I say more?

Swooning: I have a sweet tooth. I can't deny it. I'm trying to cut back on sugar and find some healthier alternatives. Dark chocolate covered almonds are my go to treat, because I feel like they are still relatively healthy, for a dessert. I am also addicted to raspberries. I just thought to stick a dark chocolate almond inside a raspberry, and I am in heaven! *Swoon*

Now it truly is time for bed! Head back to Oh Boy...It's Farley for more currently fun!