Five for Friday: December 4th


I have been slacking on the photo taking department (with the exception of elfies- elf selfies), but surely I can get it together for a Five for Friday post.


Our elf came to us in a nice little wrapped up package on Monday morning and my students could barely contain their excitement. I was worried when we started taking name suggestions. Luckily, Snowflake won the vote. Math? Really?

Our elf is tech savvy and she likes to take pictures of all her adventures in the classroom while the kids are gone. She somehow manages to set her pictures as the background on my computer and the kids just go crazy when they see her latest escapades on the projector.

Two of my girls brought in their Elf on the Shelf reindeer on Tuesday, and our elf hung out with them while the students were at a Indianapolis Colts convo. They were ecstatic!


Our instructional assistant has had a lot going on with health and family issues, so our elf told us to give her lots of hugs (see #1). This is NOT what the elf meant, but I think she appreciated it anyway. 
How can you not love these kids?


I love teaching social studies for many reasons.

#1: It's fun!
#2: I only have about 20 kids (rather than 27).
#3: I have a very loose curriculum, so I can supplement as much as I want.

One of my favorite units is Christmas Around the World. I use the packet from First Grade Garden and I LOVE it! We do the scrapbook and crafts, and the interactive slideshow is perfect for more information.


In addition to slacking in the blog and photo department, I failed at posting about my AWESOME blog shirt from A+ Images. All I had to do to use their custom designer was choose my shirt size and color and upload my blog button. It really doesn't get much easier than that! It took me a few minutes, because I have trouble making decisions, but I'm pretty sure Mrs. B did hers within 3 minutes.

Thank you A+ Images for your generosity to teachers!


So, technically, this is from last week, but Monday was still November, so I feel like it can count. Plus, I'm sure my mom wants to watch it. #HiMom

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your classroom elf - and the reindeer, so cute! Looks like you've had a great week :)

    Teaching Autism

  2. Yes...your mom did want to see it and I loved it!

  3. Elf on the Shelf has been one of my favorite parts of our year so far!!
    My kiddos have loved learning about holidays around the world! It has definitely opened their eyes and been a great way to talk more about acceptance!

    1. I think I'm having almost as much fun with the elf as my students are!

  4. Two posts in a row!
    Yes, you are right about the shirt post but that was my last post in almost 4 months. lol :)