Reflections of 2015

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I started off the year with a bang! By "bang" I mean, a burn to my chest and face with boiling potato water. This is why people don't trust me with hot items (or cooking in general). 


In March, I started this blog! You can see I have clearly come A LONG way since then! I have done everything on my blog myself, with lots and lots of help from tutorials I stumbled upon. I haven't been the most dedicated blogger on the planet, but I'm chugging along in this blogging world.


Also in March, we discovered indoor rock climbing. So much fun! We have been back time and time again and have convinced lots of friends to try it out, as well. Disclaimer: you might not want me to belay you.


In April, I converted to active seating and I am never going back! I wrote a Donor's Choose project for some new seating options, including a wobble stool and a bean bag chair, and supplies to help students work around the room. My project was funded in a week and we dove right in! My students and I loved it right away, and my students this year love active seating too.


For my birthday, in June, I got a smart phone! Welcome to the 21st century! I love my new phone! I can actually put apps on it and use it for things besides just phone calls and texting.


My mom came up for my birthday, and we took our first trip to Conner Prairie. I can't believe I've lived in Indianapolis for over 3 years and I had never been! It was awesome! We learned a lot and had a blast.


My friend, Christina, is the director of the Indianapolis chapter of Royal Family Kids Camp, which is a week-long camp for foster children. She convinced me to join her crew this summer, and I ended up having a great time! I was one of the camp photographers, and I had the pleasure of capturing many happy moments throughout the week.


We got a classroom iPad this school year! We've had the iPad for a few years, but we could only use it for assessments. Boo. This year, we finally got the okay to use it for additional educational purposes in the classroom. We have had a great time exploring apps, including PicCollage.


I took a long weekend trip to Branson, Missouri with my friend, Christina, and her mom and sister over fall break. We had a grand time exploring the beautiful Ozarks. Christina is a wild woman with a golf cart, but we survived.


I also spent part of my fall break hanging out with my parents in Florida. We found a pumpkin patch (we didn't even know they existed in FL), along with some cool cypress trees and springs.


Our school started Girls on the Run this past spring with our 4th and 5th grade girls, and it went so well that we decided to keep it going this fall. We trained every Monday and Wednesday after school, and our hard work paid off! We ran in the Jingle Bell Run for our celebratory 5K, and our girls rocked it! We ran with a 4th grade buddy, and we finished in 32:45. It was so much fun running through downtown Indianapolis!


Another Indianapolis first for me was seeing the Christmas tree of lights at Monument Circle. What a way to end 2015! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


Five for Friday: December 4th


I have been slacking on the photo taking department (with the exception of elfies- elf selfies), but surely I can get it together for a Five for Friday post.


Our elf came to us in a nice little wrapped up package on Monday morning and my students could barely contain their excitement. I was worried when we started taking name suggestions. Luckily, Snowflake won the vote. Math? Really?

Our elf is tech savvy and she likes to take pictures of all her adventures in the classroom while the kids are gone. She somehow manages to set her pictures as the background on my computer and the kids just go crazy when they see her latest escapades on the projector.

Two of my girls brought in their Elf on the Shelf reindeer on Tuesday, and our elf hung out with them while the students were at a Indianapolis Colts convo. They were ecstatic!


Our instructional assistant has had a lot going on with health and family issues, so our elf told us to give her lots of hugs (see #1). This is NOT what the elf meant, but I think she appreciated it anyway. 
How can you not love these kids?


I love teaching social studies for many reasons.

#1: It's fun!
#2: I only have about 20 kids (rather than 27).
#3: I have a very loose curriculum, so I can supplement as much as I want.

One of my favorite units is Christmas Around the World. I use the packet from First Grade Garden and I LOVE it! We do the scrapbook and crafts, and the interactive slideshow is perfect for more information.


In addition to slacking in the blog and photo department, I failed at posting about my AWESOME blog shirt from A+ Images. All I had to do to use their custom designer was choose my shirt size and color and upload my blog button. It really doesn't get much easier than that! It took me a few minutes, because I have trouble making decisions, but I'm pretty sure Mrs. B did hers within 3 minutes.

Thank you A+ Images for your generosity to teachers!


So, technically, this is from last week, but Monday was still November, so I feel like it can count. Plus, I'm sure my mom wants to watch it. #HiMom

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December Currently

I didn't realize how much I've been slacking on my blogging...Oops! I'm here to break free of the slump with Farley's link up!

Better late than never, right? 

Listening: I'm attempting to get to bed early tonight, and I'm laying in bed, enjoying a little peace and quiet. I feel like my classroom has a constant buzz all day long, so I'm grateful for a little silence.

Loving: While my students may be a little nutty with all the Christmas excitement, I can't help but love their pure joy at this time of year. They are obsessed with our classroom elf and they think everything about her is magical. They are just so happy and excited and I love it!

Thinking: While I do enjoy some beautiful snow, I'm already crying about the cold. Recess duty is starting to get chilly. Our school also turns the heat off (or at least way down) as soon as school is over, which means it gets real cold real fast when I'm staying to get work done, and it makes the mornings cold, as well. I typically keep my coat on until right before the kids come. Brrr!!

Wanting: We have 1 short observation and 1 long observation in my district. I already had my short observation, and now I'm waiting for my long one to be done, so I can breathe a little easier. My 2 week window started yesterday, so my principal could be dropping in any day now...

Needing: I'm trying to watch what I eat, but with the cold and the tiredness, I'm starting to struggle. I need to get back on the healthy snack train and cook healthy meals a little bit more frequently. #thestruggleisreal

Real or faux: REAL! Okay, so I don't have a real tree in my apartment, but I grew up on real trees, and I hope to go back to that once I have a house of my own. Every year, we would drive to the tree farm, where we would pick out and cut down our own tree. I loved every minute of it! 

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