Five for Friday


I'm alive! Parent teacher conferences, fall break, life... you know. I thoroughly enjoyed my fall break, and I'm finally back in blogging action!


While I didn't getting any blogging accomplished over fall break, I did finish and post a new product! Click on any of the photos to check it out!

We use interactive math notebooks every day, as our independent practice during math rotations. We LOVE interactive notebooks! I have found some great interactive notebooks on TPT, but my school uses Everyday Math and sometimes I think the sequencing of skills is a little wacky, making it difficult to use interactive notebooks that are seasonal. So I made my own that go with Everyday Math lessons and have generic clip art, so they can be used any time! The nice thing is that they can be used with any series, because all the skills are relevant to 1st grade, in general, and they can be used any time in the year. This makes me feel better about spending all this time creating them when our math series is up for adoption for next year... 


We had an impromptu "there is an awesome library down the road and you can check out books for FREE, so you should convince your parents to take you" lesson the other day, as I went online and put a hold request on the 2 newest Elephant and Piggie books (I Really Like Slop and I Will Take a Nap). 

"Is it really free?"
"Yes. AND you can keep your books for 3 weeks, instead of only 1."
"The books are free?"
"The library card is FREE. You can BORROW books for FREE. Just like our school library."

They are all about some free books.

Anyway, we LOVE Elephant and Piggie books in our room. Mildly obsessed. One boy was sobbing after library on Tuesday because he got in trouble for hitting another student with his library stick and he didn't get to check out his book. AND IT WAS AN ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE BOOK!!!
I thought I wrote a whole post about how we use them during read to someone, but apparently I just planned on it and never did, so it just made a short appearance in a Five for Friday post one time. Anyway, these books are perfect for read to someone and my kids love them, so I just keep them coming.

Seriously, how cute are these two? They are for real curled up with a good book. My teacher heart was so happy. 


We started SUPER E this week! This kid was crushing it at teacher table. How cute are these little readers?! 

*Please ignore the kid who looks like he's about to attempt a handstand in the background.*
#whatthewhat #clearlyofftask


My awesome teammate created this great resource called Destroy the Sight Words. Students have sight word flash cards with the numbers 1-5 across the top. Each time they read the word correctly, they get a number crossed off. Once they get all 5 numbers marked off, they have mastered the sight word and they get to destroy the card. They can stomp on it, tear it up, cut it, anything they want. This guy had a slew of cards he got to destroy this week and it was priceless. He was putting them on the floor and stomping on them, and then when we was satisfied, he picked them up and tore them up into the smallest pieces he could. My kids are obsessed with these cards! #teacherwin


Okay, so technically this happened last week, but it just cracks me up. This little cutie is in love with her. Clearly. It takes a special person to be a special education assistant. They say it takes a village, and I am so grateful for my crazy, fun village.

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