Five for Friday

As unbelievable as it is, this is my third blog post this week. I call that a #win!

The highlight of our week was definitely when we met our goal for reading stamina. I was feeling discouraged because we were really struggling with stamina. We couldn't make it past 6 minutes, and some days we couldn't get past 4. I told my kids we would start stations when we made it to 7 minutes. We went over procedures, we had pep talks, we picked good fit books, we choose comfy, successful spots to read, but we could not get past 6 minutes. Finally, on Wednesday, not only did we make it past 6 minutes, but we made it to 8 minutes and 10 seconds! We celebrated with a dance party, complete with Go Noodle and our new celebration party lights.

In addition to rolling out literacy stations, we also started rolling out math stations. Half the class worked with me and we worked on an interactive notebook page. The other half played a time to the hour dice game and then worked on exploration math tubs and floor puzzles. While it may not be meaty, it's building independence and getting them excited about math stations. I am so lucky to have a special education assistant in my room for my entire math block, so she helped monitor and assist students who needed a little extra guidance. It is going so well! I am confident that we will be able to get things moving so the assistant and I can both start pulling small groups. Hooray for no more whole group math! 

We wrote our first micro essay this week! Granted, we spent one day on prewriting and one day on putting it together, we completed it together, and I did it during my social studies block, so I only had 20 students (rather than 28). But still! We did it! 

We made this adorable parts of a flower craftivity to wrap up our week. Fun, yet simple. Can't go wrong there!

I think a major celebration is that I blogged 3 times this week! And it's a 3 day weekend! 

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  1. Oh, my! I'm glad I'm not the only one having stamina struggles in my classroom! We finally made it to 8 and a half minutes, so we'll be starting our center rotations next week. Celebrate the small stuff, right?!

    I love #5. I seriously said that very thing to a colleague today. Enjoy your weekend AND the short week that follows it!