Five for Friday


This week was apple week in first grade! I don't get very many opportunities in the year where I can teach themes that overlap over multiple subjects, so I love apple week! We learned all about Johnny Appleseed during social studies, and then did apple investigations during math and science all week. We had a blast! We made apple glyphs today during math, so of course, we had to taste test apple cider and homemade apple sauce! Incredibly enough, I made homemade apple sauce (in my breadmaker of all things)... but at home. Peeling and slicing the apples is so time consuming and I didn't think I could handle it in the classroom. It was a hit, though!

More highlights from apple week included comparing weight with apples, sink or float, and apple graphing! I love Reagan Tunstall's apple interactive activities! The students were so excited to finish and take home their finished apple books today! Apple week was definitely a success.

So I signed up for Kaleidoscope at some point last year, because it was free and my mom said she knew some teachers who had received some helpful free stuff. I completely forgot about it until I received a large box last week. It was full of 740 band-aids from Nexcare, as well as 400 parent flyers with coupons for $0.50 off children's Fruit of the Loom underwear. I had no intention of sending home underwear coupons with my students, but I figured the band-aids would be useful. Of course, they were individually wrapped in plastic, but it is what it is. So we got to work with some contraction surgery! I didn't even feel bad about wasting band-aids.

I also whipped up a simple contraction foldable. It's nothing fancy, but it's fun and it got the job done. You can grab it here, if you are interested. Yes, those are seat belts on the letters that are safe. The other letters were bad drivers and they were texting while driving (gasp!) so they were injured.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy sturdy tubs for my classroom library. My books were all labeled and they were sorted, but there were multiple topics per section, it was hard for students to sift through and find the books they wanted, and it was messy! So I took a trip to Big Lots last weekend and bought all the tubs I needed. All I had to do was print the large labels for the front of each basket, so it wasn't too big of a task. I love the new look and my kids seem to love it too. #teacherwin

Happy Friday!


Five for Friday

As unbelievable as it is, this is my third blog post this week. I call that a #win!

The highlight of our week was definitely when we met our goal for reading stamina. I was feeling discouraged because we were really struggling with stamina. We couldn't make it past 6 minutes, and some days we couldn't get past 4. I told my kids we would start stations when we made it to 7 minutes. We went over procedures, we had pep talks, we picked good fit books, we choose comfy, successful spots to read, but we could not get past 6 minutes. Finally, on Wednesday, not only did we make it past 6 minutes, but we made it to 8 minutes and 10 seconds! We celebrated with a dance party, complete with Go Noodle and our new celebration party lights.

In addition to rolling out literacy stations, we also started rolling out math stations. Half the class worked with me and we worked on an interactive notebook page. The other half played a time to the hour dice game and then worked on exploration math tubs and floor puzzles. While it may not be meaty, it's building independence and getting them excited about math stations. I am so lucky to have a special education assistant in my room for my entire math block, so she helped monitor and assist students who needed a little extra guidance. It is going so well! I am confident that we will be able to get things moving so the assistant and I can both start pulling small groups. Hooray for no more whole group math! 

We wrote our first micro essay this week! Granted, we spent one day on prewriting and one day on putting it together, we completed it together, and I did it during my social studies block, so I only had 20 students (rather than 28). But still! We did it! 

We made this adorable parts of a flower craftivity to wrap up our week. Fun, yet simple. Can't go wrong there!

I think a major celebration is that I blogged 3 times this week! And it's a 3 day weekend! 


Teacher Week- Classroom Tour

I'm back! I'm on a roll this week! Cooking is really not my forte (this coming from the girl who burned her face with boiling potato water), so I skipped Tuesday's meal post. This one is mostly just photos, so I felt like I could handle that.

Now, today was day 26, so you get the true "lived in" feel of my classroom. That's real life.

This is the view from the doorway. I use active seating, so even though I have 28 students, I only have 12 desks (zip-tied together and facing backwards), plus 2 tables. 4 of the desks are raised up for standing desks, and you can see the numerous ball chairs and bicycle peddlers. 

This bulletin board houses our jobs and map. The map will be switched out with our township map later and we will put push pins in where we live. This is one of my favorite activities! I also have awesome mailboxes, which have enough room at the top for copies for the week, as well. Students don't have assigned desks, so their materials are store in tubs around the room.

We love our rockets for Rocket Math! Every time a student passes a level, they get to put a sticker on their rocket. My Class Dojo clip chart can be found as a freebie in my TPT store.

Here we have our anchor charts for the week, plus calendar and our fabulous teepee! 

I love my leveled library and book nook! It's so cozy! The kids love reading and working here!

I love this new bulletin board I put up this summer! Our whole body listener anchor chart is always crucial, as well.

This was my big project this summer. It was painful and tedious. But it turned out great!

The sensory spot is seriously one of my favorite spots in my room! I wish I could fit down there. It's perfect for students who need a break.

My poor word wall is looking sad and lonely. I've been good about putting words up so far! I really hope to utilize it more this year. 

One last view from the back of the room! It's not perfect, but I do love my room! Good thing, too, because I spend waaaaay too much time there! 

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