Five for Fraturday


I didn't get my post done on Friday, but I did survive the week, so I think that's what really counts. :) 

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I've felt a little discouraged as I've seen all the posts and pictures of fun station and center activities people have been doing in their classrooms. I see people who have all their kids at different stations and classes who had 3 minute reading stamina in the first 2 days of school and are now up to 8-10 minutes. We are 23 days into the year and we have learned 3 of the Daily 5 stations and we hit 6 minutes with stamina last week, but haven't been able to get past 4 minutes since then. 4 minutes rolls around and then my boys start rolling around. Literally. But then I remind myself that I have 28 students (not 20, not 22, not 24) and I am training them now, so they can be fully independent later.

On a positive note, Read to Someone is going well and the kids are really into it! I have Elephant and Piggie books, Yo! Yes!, and partner plays from A Teeny Tiny Teacher out right now. One of my teammates shared last year that she lets one group share after each round of stations. The kids go crazy for this and it has transformed Read to Someone for me! It used to be my least favorite station and now it's probably my favorite! The kids get so into it and the students love to see the books up on the screen and listen to their peers present.

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Blue came to our school! Full disclosure: I am not a football fan (I live in Indianapolis and don't own a Colts shirt), I do not like mascots, and I greatly dislike convos. However, the kids had a blast! Luckily for me, the convo occurred during my prep, so the music teacher sat with my class and I got to escape to my classroom. The kids had fun and I had peace. I call that a win-win. Blue came for a Blue is the New Green program, and while I have no idea what educational content they learned, I do know that Blue threw something at the screen, unplugged the cable because the guy on the phone was annoying, and Blue shook his butt at them! *gasp* I have no actual pictures, because I high tailed it on out of there before all 1,100 kids went wild. 

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We have been practicing ways to make 10 this week in math, and I stumbled upon this awesome, FREE name in a 10 frame activity from Fun with Firsties on Instagram. Kids get to practice 10 frames, quantity discrimination, and how many more to get to 10. And they are adorable and fun! Can't go wrong there!

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When I decided I wanted to do a fun craftivity, I thought it might be a good time to try math without whole group. I greatly dislike whole group math. It has never worked for me and it drives me insane. I haven't quite prepared my kids for math stations, but I decided I might as well see where we are at. So I had half the class at the carpet with me and I sent the other half to work on a dice game at a desk or table. We LOVE dice games from Teach with Laughter! We did exploration math stations last week with pattern blocks, geoboards, and base 10 blocks, so I had those set out in case they finished their dice game. I was blown away by how awesome it went. The kids working independently were QUIET and they worked the whole time! Granted, I had 4 kids absent and half the class was with me, but still! It was amazing! I am so excited to get math stations rolling now!

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I actually made and posted a product last weekend! I have slowed down with my TPT creating, just because life has been so busy! I was hoping to get some stuff made over the summer and fell short of that, but that's life. This cute little freebie has 5 positive notes to send home when students have had an awesome day. In my room, they get to take a note home if they make it to the top of the clip chart/get 3 or more Dojo points in a day. This one is my personal favorite:

Have a great weekend! I hope to link up with Bloghoppin next week for Teacher Week, so hopefully I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh my, I love your bright blog! Your class looks wonderful as well, and that is a great big group for first grade. I only have 18, but I am still inching my way through the center and guided reading and guided math procedures. I am just like you, I would rather move slowly at first and teach procedures, than have problems at the end. Also, I can't wait to download your freebie! I love it!

    1. Thank you!! I lose 8 kids for reading support during social studies, leaving me at 20 students for a half and hour. It's a nice taste of the beauty of a small class! All you can do is make the most of what you have! :)