Weekend Warriors 3-2-1 Teacher Bio

Happy weekend! I know it's the tail end of the weekend, but since school is out, every day is like the weekend, so really, it's all good!

I'm linking up with Weekend Warriors to tell you a little about myself.

1. I have Pandora on before the students come in and after they leave. I have Pandora playing for them when they come in every morning (Disney, The Piano Guys, or Time for Three depending on the day). I use music to transition during station time, and a little soft music playing in the background while working is pretty typical. Oh, and Go Noodle. All. The. Time. My students and I are obsessed.

2. If something isn't working, I will do my best to change it and try something new as quickly as possible. I couldn't handle the desks and tables filling up my entire room, so I wrote a Donors Choose project, ditched half my desks, and never looked back. An hour of hour group math was making me want to pull my hair out, so I did some blog searching and came up with a way to math guided math work for me. I am not afraid to try something different, even if I'm the only one in my school doing it. Hey, I now have quite a following with my active seating idea. 

3. I have dual certification for elementary education and special education, which only made sense that I was given an inclusion class. I adore my students with special needs and I really feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds. I have my own class of students and I get to work with students with special needs. It's the perfect match for me and I think I would cry if I had to give up inclusion!

1. I am the go-to girl for writing signs, making name tags for special occasions, and anything that requires fun or fancy handwriting. Curly, swirly, any kind of doodly handwriting, and I will whip it up for you. I think I need to learn how to make my own fonts...

2. My mom checked out a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film for me from the public library one day when I was in high school and my love for old movies began. Greta Garbo when I'm sad, Katharine Hepburn when I want to laugh, plus Bette Davis, Cary Grant, Doris Day any day of the week. Bringing Up Baby, Pillow Talk, Jezebel, His Girl Friday, I love them all!! 

Someday I would love to go to Vegas for a big conference! I love learning new tips, tricks, and strategies, plus I would love to meet and connect with lots of other passionate teachers. Someday...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend/summer vacation!!!


  1. I love playing music in the classroom too! I love that you use it during your transitions. Great idea! I've always wished that I had nice handwriting for signs and charts and such. You should definitely turn your handwriting into fonts! I hope you make it to Vegas for the conference sooner than later. It is a great experience! Thank you for linking up with us for Weekend Warriors this month!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. One of my teammates was able to put a 1 minute clip of music at the end of a countdown powerpoint and it works so well for us! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Hi Sarah! It has been so fun reading your BIO! WE have TONS in common, especially trying new things and being the only one in the building doing it!!! Fearless I say! Go Noodle is a must and I need to rock more Pandora in my classroom next year! Thanks for the reminder. Your bucket list of attending the conference is a good one! I am lucky enough to attend this year and I am so stinkin excited! My brain will be on overload the entire time!
    Thanks so much for joining our linky. We hope to have you back again next month!
    Mrs. DiBenedetto's First Grade Critter Cafe

    1. Have fun!!! I'm so jealous!! I'll make it someday!