Five for Friday


We did bubble gum fractions today, and we had a blast! Each student was given a piece of Dubble Bubble and a few minutes to get their gum warmed up. We did five 1 minute rounds and they tried to blow at least 1 bubble per round. Students were either able to blow bubbles or they weren't, but most of them had so much fun watching the others ham it up, that they didn't care. 

This girl was cracking everyone up. She had the biggest bubbles, but they kept popping on her face, and she was loving making everyone laugh.

Students recorded their data, made their fraction, and then we came back in and made this adorable craftivity from Michelle Hudgeons.

I was telling my teammate about all the Mother's Day activities I had planned for this week and she kindly pointed out that Mother's Day isn't until NEXT weekend. Nevertheless, it was in my plan book, and I was ready, so we were going to push on. Come on. Look at how adorable these turned out! I couldn't wait another week for this cuteness! I 100% stole the idea from Melissa Machan.  

We revisited fractions this week, so I pulled out the sticky notes again, but this time we just stuck them on paper and drew the lines, unlike last time (seriously, what was I thinking?!). We talked about equal shares again and then practiced some more serious fractions. I have no idea why my kids want to turn everything into books. Whatever works.

We made a worm habitat to start off worm week in science . I was so proud. The kids were so excited. It was going to be fabulous... and then the worms died. Within 24 hours. Apparently I didn't research this process thoroughly. But seriously, who kills earthworms? I thought they were indestructible. They aren't. Of course, the kids begged to see the habitat 2 days later, and I told them it didn't really go as planned, and, apparently, the worms didn't like our dirt/sand. Lovely children didn't understand this was code for, "I killed the worms." They asked when I was going to release them. "Right after school." #epicfail 

I got a bread maker! For free! Thanks to my generous teammate Mrs. B! I went home and immediately made a loaf of bread. I just made plain white bread, to dip my toes in the bread making water, and sure enough, it tasted like bread! I can't wait to test it out some more this weekend. My teammates are already making requests. The cinnamon bread looks complicated, so they'll have to wait till I make my way up the bread making ladder for that one.

Only 3 Fridays left till summer break!


  1. Hi, Sarah!
    I just love that bubble gum fraction idea! We're starting fractions next week and I've been collecting lots of great ideas from teacher blogs.

    Made with Love

    1. Thanks! The kids loved it and we all had a blast!

  2. I believe in you so bring on the cinnamon bread! ;)
    You are rockin this blog. I need to get going...