Five for Friday!



We had field day yesterday and it was a blast! Our gym teachers are amazingly creative and always have great games for the kids. So fun!

Also, check out my student who was doing clap push ups. For real, though...


We are finally done with our reading series, which meant it was Robert Munsch week! We completed a handful of activites from Ashley Reed's Much Ado About Munsch author study. 


We also finished up our American Symbols unit. It's definitely one of my favorite social studies units, and we always do tons of fun craftivities, so I like that I can plan it for the end of the year. I use the American Symbols Bundle from Teacher to the Core.


I wanted to do some fun activities at my teacher table this week, so we played lots of games, and I also did noodle dialogue with my kids. Nothing new, but always loads of fun. Except when they ask me to cook the noodles 500 times. Never.gonna.happen.


Kindergarteners came to visit this week and we had a great time teaching them all about first grade. We had a full classroom, but it was a lot of fun.

3 day weekend and then 2 days left! Unbelievable! 

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