Five for Friday



We are finishing the year with informative writing. I learned my lesson with animal research projects when we tried one in the fall. Last time I let students pick their animals, and then scrambled to find multiple, first-grade appropriate books on all of their animals from the library. This time, I went to our school library, which has a separate non-fiction section for younger grades, and picked 6 animals that had at least 5-6 books available. Students then wrote their first, second, and third choices and I assigned them animals. Worked like a charm. They are having a blast! 


We made these fabulous compound word flip books this week. So fun!


Our final unit in math is a review of the year. We are supposed to teach time to the 5 minutes (seriously?), so I pulled out the giant floor clock for my higher math groups. It makes teaching time bearable. My lower friends are still working on half hour and quarter hour. Even quarter hour is pushing it.

We also did a little review of coins and graphing, using Coin Spill from Michelle Hudgeon's Coin Craze pack. This cutie even made his own graph with his coins. In addition to going through the data, I made them count up the value of each group of coins. #2for1


It has been so AMAZINGLY nice outside, so I decided we needed to work outside for a little while. My classroom is right at the end of the hallway, so it's easy to slip right outside. Glorious.


Our wonderful principal rewarded our class with 20 minutes of extra recess because she was so impressed with our persuasive letters we wrote a few weeks ago. We cashed it in this morning and they soaked up every minute of it. They didn't even care that they were stuck on the preschool/kindergarten playground.

12 days left!


  1. I found your blog through this linky! I love your blogs name and how bright it is.

    We have been doing a lot of lessons outside recently too. In Florida it is almost too hot to do that, but my firsties don't seem to mind.

    Way to go on the persuasive letters! I am sure your students were in Heaven with the extra recess.

    I look forward to following your blog! Sammy @ The Rustic Apple

    1. Thank you!!

      I feel like I'm in Florida right now! We try to get outside in the morning before it gets too hot. Not normally something you have to worry about in Indiana at this time of year. Haha!

  2. I absolutely loved the idea of the compound flip books!!! So clever and creative!!! I will definitely do it with my little ones soon!!