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I made these adorable little Earth Day crafts with my kindergarteners my first year of teaching and it was only 1/2 day, so I had everything cut out and prepped ahead of time. Well that seemed like an awful lot of work this year, but my teammate was insistent we make them, because "they are just so adorable!" So I said we should have the kids cut out their own shapes. "No, no," she said. "I will cut them out for both of us," she said. She did. That morning, and out of Time magazine. Not child friendly. But I am responsible and realized that before passing out trees cut out of tobacco ads and flowers featured a man's chiseled abs. So I whipped up a few tracers, and let my kids go to town. I think they had more fun that way, anyway. The background was printed on paper from the recycle bin and we were reusing the magazines. All they needed to do to complete the 3 Rs was to REDUCE the mess they made... they don't ever laugh at my witty jokes.



We used Katie Mense's Where Does Garbage Go? Experiment and had a blast learning about reducing and recycling. So much fun! We used Cheerios as our tires and got to smash them up to reduce how much space they took up, and then we added Plaster of Paris and water to turn our "tires" into roads. It was a fun time all around.


We have been working on persuasive and opinion writing and today we wrote letters to the principal, and our goal was to persuade her to give us more time for recess. They had some hilarious ideas. I think she'll really like this one, since it involves a week off and a foot rub. Oh my word!


As soon as I saw A Teeny Tiny Teacher's post about The Message Center, I knew I had to try it. We have 22 days of school left and we needed something new. So yesterday I decided to whip it up on the spot. Literally. "Okay, bring me 2 chairs... let me just grab this ribbon here... I need a notebook... I promise, guys, you will be amazed!...a keyring!... let me just tie these ends into loops now...oh, I'm a genius!...guys, you really should be really excited...have I mentioned this is called the message center?..." And what do you know? They were amazed. One kid even cried because he didn't get to test it out with me. So yesterday we modeled, and today we tried it out for real. I think I only had to say, "No, this is not limbo. Do not crawl under the rope!" once. I stumbled upon some bungee cord last night and thought that seemed suitable enough. I also had the genius idea to tie loops at the end of the cord and then connect them with a binder ring. Now the kids don't have to mess with knots. Genius, I know.


I'm done with TRCs for the year!!! Happy dance!! The rest of my DIBELS will be done on Monday, and that leaves me 3 solid weeks to drag my feet through math. #almostthere

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  1. Those letters are so cute! My favorite. . ."I'll rub your feet." Kids have such great ideas!

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