Five for Friday!

We've been working on fractions and equal shares, so we busted out some real pennies ("Oh my gosh, Miss Weck is letting us use REAL pennies!!!!") to practice making equal halves, thirds, and quarters. Switching to guided math has been amazing for opportunities like this. It's a million times easier and more effective to pull out manipulatives and let every single student have a hands on experience when I have a small group of students.

One of our skills this week was pronouns, so we made these super cute pronoun flowers (from Teacher Idea Factory). I had students work in small groups to write, cut, and assemble, and it made me realize that I really need to do more activities where students have to work together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

More teamwork to make the dream work with these adorable sunny suffixes from Smitten with First. Please just look at some of those words. Funful...loveful...sadful...

We have been studying soil in science, so I asked students to bring in soil ("Please ask permission from your parents first." "No! Please do not dig a hole in the playground at your apartment complex!") You would never know from the above picture, but a spider had just crawled out of the dirt and minutes before these girls were screaming and crying (granted, it was a scary spider). After the spider was captured by the brave teacher, observation of the the soil continued on. We are going to make a worm habitat in a few weeks and I can't wait!

Warm weather is here!! I pulled out sandals AND capris today! Oh happy day!


  1. LOVE the soil activity! I have some students who would be ALL over that idea!

  2. I bet your kids just loved the soil activity (minus the spider)! Fun idea!

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