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Can I just say how much FUN we had with March Book Madness?! It was such a blast! I'm not going to lie... I really thought The Book with no Pictures was going to win it all. Solely because my kids love the page that says Boo boo butt. They think it's the most hilarious thing in the whole wide world. Although they really like when the peach crayon complains about being naked in The Day the Crayons Quit. Oh my word. The Day the Crayons Quit won in our classroom, as well as the overall competition. 

In addition to having lots of laughs, we were able to incorporate all kinds of math and writing with it, and even social studies (voting process)! By the last few rounds, I put most of the books out for the students to read during stations and I had them read the books to the class. 

Since this week was the championship round, we incorporated the 2 books into quite a few of our activities. We talked about author's purpose for the 2 books and then wrote our own persuasive essays about which book was better. 

After the winner was announced, we wrote our own crayon letters. They LOVED that I let them write with crayon and some of them were really cute! 

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We were learning about prepositions this week and we started out with a fun little Youtube song. The kids had a grand time singing along. Then I pulled out The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! card game. Students had to draw a verb card, a location card, and a fish card, and we identified the preposition words in the sentence.They had so much fun being goofy!

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We also played Charades from Kristen Smith's Cause and Effect Resource. We used many of the other resources from the packet earlier on the week to focus on cause and effect and then we put our skills to the test with charades! With how dramatic they are, I thought they'd be much better actors than they were, but they still had a fabulous time. They were begging to play it again!

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We introduced fractions this week in math. We only spent one day on it, so it was just a quick introduction. Since I only had 1 day, I wanted to make it memorable! So instead of using the boring Everyday Math paper crackers (okay, I could have gone to the store and bought real graham crackers, but I wasn't prepared), I pulled out the sticky notes! The inspiration came from Smitten with First, but I clearly didn't pay close enough attention (it's the week after spring break...I swear I'm usually slightly more on it) and had the kids cut their sticky notes and glue them in their math journals, instead of draw the lines and then STICK the STICKY notes in their journal. So I ended up with kids who couldn't put their pieces back together right and, of course, kids who glued on the non-sticky side, so then both sides were sticky. So if you do this, please, for goodness sake, just have them fold and draw the lines. But, hey, they loved it! And I think it helped them understand the concept.

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We were practicing 'oi' and 'oy' at teacher table this week and we spent just a few quick minutes on this phonic sheet. I told the students to write the word with fancy letters and every single student at the table write with curly spiral letters. That is my go-to for fancy writing and I have clearly taught them well! I couldn't help but smile!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a fun week back from Spring Break you had. I'm glad The Day the Crayons Quit won, I love that book!
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