Daily 5 Spring Cleaning: Word Work

My first year of teaching I wasn't 100% sold on Daily 5, but as I've tweaked it to fit my room and have worked out some of the kinks I was having, I've grown to love it! At this point in the year, my students are fully independent at stations, and for the most part, they actually stay on task. I try to mix in new activities and opportunities to keep things engaging, but word work was one area I really needed to spice up. I've changed out a few activities and so far, so good! 

I love these 10 drawer carts! I use them for both math and reading stations. They are perfect for storing materials, and students can just grab the tub and go. *Side note: my students are the ones who care about them being paired by color.* Half of the tubs are activities that go with spelling words, and the other half relate to other phonics or sight word skills. To be completely honest, the only thing I make sure to change every week are the spelling lists. Every few weeks, I try and match up some of the phonics skills, but if all the worksheets don't get used that week, I don't bother saving them for next year or recycling them. I figure it's still a relevant skill they need to practice. Sometimes I'll just make copies for the current skill and throw them in on top. Just being honest here.

Spelling tubs consist of a spelling list, worksheets, and any necessary materials or directions. I used to keep tubs fully stocked with pencils, scissors, glue, crayons, etc. but then decided the materials just disappeared or ended up somewhere else, and really, what's the point when they have access to those things? So now only special materials go in the tubs. They're on their own for glue and scissors. I'm not that mean... we have a tray of community supplies they can use on the back counter.  

Each spelling tub has a spelling list. Just a piece of copy paper stuffed in a sheet protector. The regular list is on the front and the challenge list is on the back. Each activity has it's own file folder. Directions are included in the folder, if necessary. After a student takes the last paper (or, let's be honest, when they find an empty folder) they bring me the file folder and then I know what I need to make more copies of later.

I'm in love with Anna Brantley's Spelling Practice in a Snap packet! The activities are easy for students to understand and there are some really fun activities.

My students are also big fans of stamping, so they love the Write, Stamp, Decorate tub. I've only had one student this year attempt to use the stamps to stamp on his friend's face. 

Rainbow Roll and Write is always a favorite. Dice + colored pencils = great fun apparently. I try to keep the colored pencils stocked, but if you lose the colored pencils, you can use crayons, thank you very much. 

Magnet letters. Tried and true.

I really liked the spelling spinner, but it wasn't a huge hit. Although, this girl was having a grand time with it today. Good thing she enjoyed it while she had it, because it's now been replaced.

The phonics/sight word tubs are filled with miscellaneous activities. Anything that will hold their interest, while focusing on key skills.

They are really into Sight Word Graphing. "Chant the words as you circle them!" I say. "Round, round, roundroundround...round!" They say. Just an added bonus that it ties in basic math skills.

Sight Word Font Sorts are liked by some. The sight words are grouped by our reading series, but this is one of those tubs that I don't worry about keeping up with every week. They still need to practice the sight words, regardless of whether or not they are the specific words we are focusing on that week. I staple the words to the work page so that way I can throw in as many weeks as I want at once. It took me a while to come up with that idea.

My students really love these phonics books from Reagan Tunstall.

I have some students who are super into Read and Match activities, so I have a tub for that. These come from Annie Moffatt's I Can Read packets. I also use Sarah Paul's Read, Think, Match packet a lot.

Last, but not least, I have a tub for I Spy activities. Well, the tub is currently empty, but it has a label, which of course means I'm on top of it. It will be filled with mats from I Spy Fun Word Work for Spring. At some point I plan to also use Teach with Laughter's I Spy Bundle. So no picture yet.

I'm pretty sure that sums up Word Work in our room. I can't wait for Read to Someone! It used to be my least favorite station and now I love it! I can't wait to share what's worked for me!

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  1. Great ideas Sarah! I am always looking for ways to snap up my 10 drawer cart too! I'll be sure to use a few of your ideas soon =) Thanks for linking up.
    A Burst of First