Five for Friday


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We started March Book Madness and it has been a blast! I somehow managed to acquire 30/32 books and found the remaining 2 as read alouds on Youtube. Win. I'm also pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea to write our class winners on sticky notes and then when the polls close, we can write in who actually won.

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After learning about past presidents, we had a present day election. One of my teammates was kind enough to share her adorable ballots with me. Love how cute they are!

Poor Grace didn't stand a chance.

Students campaigned for their favorite candidate. 

Being nice and pretty are qualities that make you good for the job, apparently.

Vote for the 70 year old duck in a suit!

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In science, our goal was to figure out how to paint a rainbow using only 3 colors. Well, I apparently didn't have true red (or true blue or yellow, for that matter), because this is what happened when we attempted to make purple.  

Great lesson in how things don't always work out like we predicted! Luckily one of my teammates had some REAL red paint on hand.

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Of course, we HAD to do some fun Dr. Seuss activities this week!

Graphing with Goldfish Colors. Recording sheet from Patsy's Corner

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Adorable Cat in the Hat directed drawings from First Grade Blue Skies. Students wrote what they would tell their mom when she asked about their day. I had some students who were having a serious moral dilemma with their friends who wanted to lie to their moms. They were all about telling the truth.

It was a super fun week, but I am ready for the weekend! Two weeks until Spring Break!

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