Five For Friday!


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I was super excited about our unit on geometry, and I couldn't wait to use Amy Lemon's Shapin Up packet.... until our geometry unit came and went in the blink of an eye. Seriously! We only had 1 day for polygons, 1 day I squeezed in for 2D shapes, 2 days for 3D shapes, and 1 day for symmetry. What?! AND I had to administer ISTEP for 3 days during that time, so I had a sub and wasn't even here to teach it! AND it was during Read Across America week! But we squeezed in as much as we could, and I stretched out the unit as long as I could without getting behind. 

My favorite was definitely our symmetry picture activity. I went online and snagged everyone's school picture and cropped them in half. I gave each student a half sheet of paper, because the pictures were already starting to get a little blurry. Some kids got it...some kids had a little more trouble. Either way, we had a lot of fun!

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Our phonics skill of the week was OR (and oar and ore...ridiculous), so I HAD to use some of the ideas from Smitten with First. The mini Oreos were a hit. I also used the write the room cards to play SCOOT with some of my small groups. So fun! Just to make sure everyone was included in the Oreo action, I handed out Oreos to anyone who could fine OR words in the story, during whole group... and anyone who answered my comprehension questions correctly... and anyone who lined up quietly for lunch...and walked quietly in the hallway. It was a big bag of mini Oreos. 

While taking this picture, I noticed the girl in the background sitting on the Bilibo, playing teacher. So I had to zoom in. So precious!

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My mom and dad were in town for my cousin's wedding this weekend and they made an appearance in my classroom. My kids were super excited! My mom had been in once before, but they had never met my dad, so getting to meet Mr. AND Mrs. Weck was just the best. 

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My mom's birthday also happened to be this week, and my dad's birthday is coming up next month. We also happen to be teaching abbreviations as one of our skills this week, so logically, we wrote birthday cards to Mr. and Mrs. Weck. Abbreviations, writing, and happy parents all rolled into one activity. 

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I think the absolute best thing about this week was that we FINALLY got to go outside for recess! We only made it out 2 days, due to rain, and one of those days we only made it to the sidewalk right outside our door, but still. We were able to make it to the playground on Thursday and it was GLORIOUS! 

Now I'm off to pack for my cousin's wedding tomorrow! Super excited! Happy Friday!

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