Check out my Classroom!

For all those nosy curious people who stumble upon my blog...

I am SUPER EXCITED to share that my classroom recently underwent a fairly significant makeover, thanks to Donors Choose and many generous donors! My school was originally built as an intermediate school, but two local elementary schools merged together a few years and are now housed in this building. With that being said, our classrooms are on the smaller side for an elementary school. Like many other districts, we are short on money (say, what?!) and our class sizes continue to grow and grow, because we can't afford to hire more teachers. *I am grateful to have a job.* With 27 students sitting at 27 desks in a small classroom, plus my library "book nook" and my large whole group area, we were feeling more than a little cramped.

The idea of getting rid of some student desks had been rolling around in my head since visiting the Montessori school my friend teaches at and seeing teacher bloggers in traditional schools who had made it work (particularly Sarah Kirby at Permanently Primary). I mulled over the idea, created a list of everything I thought I would need to get started, and finally decided to make the leap. Go big or go home, right? Amazingly, my project was funded on Donors Choose in ONE WEEK! *So grateful!*

Enjoy the tour!

View from my door. You will see I have 4 standing desks (I'm the girl who asked for an allen wrench set for my birthday) with Theraband loops. I also have 2 bicycle desks (my students LOVE the peddlers) and lots of exercise ball chairs!

My tubs for literacy and math stations, along with my new lap tray desks, bean bag chair, and Bilibo.

My fabulous word wall!

Check out my amazing sensory spot!

My classroom helper board and our township map. I help all of my students put a push pin on the map where they live when we learn about map skills. It's one of my favorite activities and my students LOVE seeing where they live and who they live by!

My Dojo clip chart, Dojo reward menus (from Meghan Zacok), birthday chart, and math station chart.

My leveled library and book nook.

My new anchor chart board (I'm in love with how it turned out) and the beloved teepee.

My book nook!

View from the back of the classroom. I love my amazing new rug (Donors Choose has made my life wonderful) AND my newish ceiling projector/giant screen!

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